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30A Sydenham Villas

Our client had purchased a regency villa in Central Cheltenham and was keen to extend the property to provide additional living space and gym/pool complex for their young and growing family.

The property had an external swimming pool but this was little used over recent years as such it was decided to provide an indoor swimming pool and gym. The increased living space has been provided in a modern glazed room set at the same level as the upper ground floor to the property orientated to make the best of the natural sunlight that enters the site. This space has been set under a gullwing roof which has a meadow flower surface and extends beyond the internal space to provide an external cooking and dining area. The pool and gym have been set at the lower ground floor level and the garden has been profiled so that the ground slopes down towards the pool level thus ensuring a good level of connectivity between the pool and the garden.

The scheme provides a contemporary extension against the backdrop of an attractive regency villa.