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Aylestone Hill, Hereford

Brief: Our client had purchased a site on the Northern side of Hereford with fantastic views over the open countryside.  There was planning consent for three subterranean dwellings which had been on the market for several years.  Our brief was to review the scheme and maximise its development potential.  The location set between a public viewing platform and with long range views to the site provided some significant constraints.

Solution: The buildings were laid out in a radial manner to minimise their impact from the viewing point.  The massing of the buildings was then broken down further with a single storey timber clad element with a green roof orientated towards the viewing platform which concealed the main body of the building.  The houses then provided glass links which housed the entrance and feature stairs and large balconies providing private amenity space looking over the Northern views.

The scheme is due to go to site in August 2013.