February 5, 2012

CGI of SIPs Residential Scheme

coombes:everitt architects have designed a new residential scheme in Monmouth to provide 3 new low energy contemporary dwellings set in the grounds of an existing house.  The scheme was designed to maximise the value of the site and provide high quality houses with a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. Construction commenced in September of 2011 and is expected to be completed in the Summer of 2012. CGI stills were produced last year, but now, thanks to Buzzbox (www.buzzbox.eu) we are able to share CGI animations, of our designs with you. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, check out these stunning animations of three of the plots.

Plot 1 - CGI Animation

Plot 2 - CGI Animation

Plot 3 - CGI Animation

The sloping nature of the site presented the opportunity to design what appears to be single storey dwellings as you approach from the entrance drive. The nature of the land falling away then allows the houses to step down to 2 storeys and address large landscaped gardens. The houses have then been designed with large vaulted principal spaces which benefit from west facing balconies to maximise views of the site. Externally the buildings are clad in natural slate and stone cladding to the plinth course, long life timer effect weather boarding and PPC aluminium windows, doors, fascias and flashings.

To meet the environmental requirements Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) have been specified which provide a super insulted and air tight envelope.  Each property will have whole house ventilation with heat recovery, low energy lighting and appliances as well as high efficiency wood burners to provide supplemental heating.