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The site is located to the northwest of Pulborough adjacent to Stane Street and is situated immediately adjoining the confines of the settlement.

It was our clients wish for a development that meets the housing need and demand in Pulborough, while at the same time respecting the area’s characteristics and reinforcing a sense of community and place.

The scheme was developed in conjunction with a Landscape Architect to ensure it had minimal impact on the long range views into the site from the west downs.

The homes were designed to reference the local vernacular and include a mixture of unit sizes and types that meet the identified need with in the community. To ensure the overall character of the scheme was one of an organic development rather than a large housing estate, a number of unit types were developed. In addition to the varied plan/roof forms, a range of building materials and window styles were proposed which all serve to create a varied collection of building forms and finishes effectively making each unit a bespoke design.

Full planning approval for 103 new homes on the site was granted in July 2014.