May 4, 2011

architects opt for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) system

We have commenced work on our first (Structural Insulated Panels) SIP project. The scheme is for three large, contemporary, high value houses on a steeply sloping site in Monmouthshire, UK.

The houses are designed in a New England style and the large open living accommodation and increased floor-to-floor heights mean that they are ideally suited to this modern method of construction.

Acting as architects, in taking the scheme forward from planning we discussed a range of construction methods with the client and have settled on a SIPs system using the Kingspan Tek System. The decision was based on a number of advantages that this method of construction offered over alternative methods;

  • The topography of the site makes access difficult and as such the opportunity to prefabricate most of the buildings fabric off site and then deliver it in manageable component sizes.
  • The speed of the construction.
  • The enhanced thermal performance of the system.
  • The improved performance in terms of air leakage.
  • A reduced impact on the surrounding site.
  • Reduced running costs of the buildings due to the enhanced thermal performance of the buildings.

We are working with Lowfield Timber Frames on the development who have completed a number of SIPs houses.

If you would like to discuss the use of Structural Insulated Panels in building design, please contact us.