June 23, 2011

Architects Journal to rank top 100 Architects on Twitter

The Architects Journal is working in conjunction with the Construction Network (tCn) to pull together a list of architects who have ventured into the world of Twitter. They are working with Peerindex, who undertake authority ranking and measure the online social capital of organisations and individuals and rank them against their peers.

As Coombes:Everitt Architects have been using Twitter since last year and having made many good contacts through social media interaction, we are keen to be recognised as an architect and feature in the ranking.

If you are interested in following our standing in the continually evolving index, then you may want to visit Twitter Architecture 100.

We'd really appreciate it if you see fit to spare a minute to nominate us. All you have to do is tweet 'Hello @tCntweets please include @ce_architects in the #AJtCn100'

Thank you in advance if you have chance to nominate us. We will update you in our upcoming email newsletter. If you are not already signed up to receive a copy, send us a DM through Twitter or contact us by email to register.