Work starts on state of the art data centre in Barnwood

Construction work has begun to transform a dilapidated building in Gloucester into one of the UK's most cutting edge data centres. Shield House in Barnwood is getting a gold-cladded makeover as digital firm Indectron looks set to make it one of the most cutting edge centres for storing and transmitting data for companies. The centre will focus on providing highly secure data storage for companies in various industries including media, education, health care and even government organisations.

Andrew Bence, managing director at Indectron said: "After a thorough site selection, design and planning process we have started construction of one of the most advanced data centres in the UK.

"This design will allow us to deliver cost-efficient, accredited and environmentally friendly data centre solutions, offering significant cost reductions to our clients in power, cooling, connectivity and services charges.

"Shield House will help customers provide innovative and flexible digital IT services at lower cost by benefiting from its highly connected, resilient and secure infrastructure."

The site will serve companies not only in Gloucester but as far as Bristol, Birmingham, Swindon and Oxford. The centre, which will employ 10 people, is expected to be opened at the beginning of 2017. With cutting-edge cooling technology and heat management solutions alongside highly efficient power systems being installed, Shield House is also being touted as one of the most energy efficient data centres in the UK too.

The site will deliver 1.5megawatts of power and have 20,000 sq ft available to customers. Gloucester MP Richard Graham said: "Indectron's data centre at Shield House is a good example of new investment in Gloucester, providing in turn a critical service for managing other businesses and organisations' data over a wide area."

The facility will have three data halls, capable of being subdivided, allowing clients to have anything from a single server rack in a shared space to their own secure pod of racks or caged off area. The site will be highly secure with around the clock security every day of the year as well as technical support and monitoring facilities. Indectron is taking advantage of Gloucester being located on the UK's figure of eight fibre optic network which will provide high speed internet for residents and businesses when opened.